Gear Box

    We design mechanical parts like gear, flange, pipes, elbows, T joints, Moldings. We are providing best services to several companies. Our team of well qualified and skilled mechanical design engineers is sound and proficient to deliver the best services. We do CAD 3d modeling, Finite element services (FEA), Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), manufacturing drawing, Sheet metal components etc.

Our strength is that we listen the requirement very carefully. Once we understand we don't bother the client on any issue. We are best in taking the responsibly. Cadzest is committed to its quality and control. We believe in best solutions. Our tagline is "A lot to invent" which tells everything about our motto.

Multi Axis Rotatory Solar Panel
Smart Seed sowing machine
Injection Mold design

As shown above images are rendered images are designed and procured entirely by We are end to service provider which from an idea and goes to manufactured part. We are easiest to explain the requirement and we will design the machine very efficiently. We have designed numerous machines and Seed sowing machine is one of them. The client just explained us what they want that is a machine which can contain the seed and hoe (penetrator) penetrates the land. Machine can sow the seed after penetration and tap the ground to cover the seed by soil itself. The machine is developed within two days after few revisions and delivered to client very next day.